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Ophielian Forest

Home of the High Elves, Wood Elves, Roman Byzantium’s, and the two of five Trees of Yggdrasil. Once was a forest of endless festivals until the War Of Eden. Since then the Elves have prepared for war and defended the forest, cutting it off from the rest of Eden and creating there allied faction known as Eta under the alliance of Eta. Without supplies from Eden, the Elves and Byzantium’s split into three individual factions among the Eta. The Ra’Dorei, having a High Elven leader on the Council of the Hand Of Eden, controlled the gate to Eden and all diplomatic affairs throughout Ophielian Forest. The Na’Dorei, who consisted of only Wood Elves, were outcasted from Enan Aethel because they were given no political influence. They established the first Elven Port City known as Ayandorei. The Byzantium’s, being the only humans in the forest, isolated themselves within their city known as Byzantium. The La’Dorei, being those who wished to keep the equality between Elves, consisted of High Elves, Wood Elves. Following the guidance of the Archangel Uriel, they created a city around one of the Trees of Yggdrasil. Receiving the divine blessing of the Archangel, the La’Dorei were tasked with protecting the Tree of Yggdrasil from outsiders. Those selected to protect the Trees created a Temple within the middle of Ophielian forest to worship the Transcendence Ophiel and protect the other Trees of Yggdrasil.